About Us

Automobile Tub Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian business set up to deliver professional mobile door to door car wash, valeting, detailing, and domestic cleaning services to a niche market of busy professionals, corporates, hotels, apartment blocks, embassies, high commissions and virtually anyone or institution who owns an automobile, maintains a premises or operates a fleet they adore and value.

We acknowledge the fact that in today’s fast paced world, we are all pressed for time when going about our daily routines leaving us with little time to care for our cars and properties which may be a valued possession.

As a company we recognize the important value of time and seek to dispense a convenient time saving service with all the professionalism it deserves by our in house well trained employees at a premium but affordable rate.

To ensure our client’s experiences are fulfilling and worth the while in totality, we strive to discharge our services in the most environmentally friendly manner we can by deploying eco-friendly methods of service to protect our depleting water bodies from further deterioration and pay attention to conscious use of water, environmentally unfriendly chemicals and deploy safe waste water disposal methods in our service delivery.

Our supervisors are courteous and are minded by management to carry out their duties professionally with utmost confidentiality and accord our client the required privacy whenever they visit your homes, offices.

Automobile Tub Limited therefore entreats all to give our services a try and you will receive a purely fascinating value for money service at your convenience.