Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automobile Tub?

Automobile Tub is a wholly owned Ghanaian company that provides on demand mobile eco-friendly car wash, valeting, detailing as well domestic cleaning services across selected areas of Accra at a premium but affordable price.

What makes your services eco-friendly?

We strive to deploy environmentally friendly methods in the discharge of our services.

Our car cleaning service uses high pressure steam to wash and clean both the exterior and interior of your car. We also use non harmful chemicals if we have to use any.

Our water solutions also strive to use as minimal water as possible when cleaning your car to further protect our dwindling water bodies.

Disposal of waste water and chemicals are done properly with environmental protection in mind. We do our best not to leave residues of waste water at your homes, driveways or parking lots after our service has been discharged.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam wash technology uses high pressure vapourized steam to clean the exterior and interior of your car. Dry Steam cleaning and detailing is less labour and chemical intensive. This technology sanitizes and leaves your interior from seats to air conditioning vents to ashtrays germ free!

How can I access your service?

Our services are mobile and is just a phone call, email or mobile application booking away!

Our personnel will come to you, wherever you are – home, office, gas station or public parking lot.

Our water solution may offer to use your own water facilities at reduced rates if you so desire but we come well equipped and do not require anything from you to discharge our service.

How can I reach out to Automobile Tub if I need the service?

You can call our hotlines: 054 764 0260, 056 180 3303

Or send an email to book at:

For the best booking experience, download our mobile app on the android platform:

What are your service hours?

We work all 7 days of the week except public holidays

Services are available from 08:00am-17:00GMT

Is my presence needed when my car is being cleaned?

The whole idea of our service is to provide convenience and offer our clients the opportunity to maximize time by multi tasking their daily routines.

In hindsight of this, all we need is your authorization and car keys to carry out your services while you have the opportunity to engage in other regular routines e.g. shopping, having a haircut, catching a game etc.

How do I pay for a service?

Payment can be made during booking on our mobile android application through Mastercard, Visa, MTN mobile money, Tigo cash, Airtel money and Vodafone cash.

Cash payments are also accepted by our staff on completion of service.

How may I cancel or re-schedule a service?

Cancellations and service re-schedules are very much allowed but such notice of cancellation or re-schedule must be made two (2) hours prior to initial booking.

Am I guaranteed safety and security?

Our car cleaners are well trained and minded by management to render a very confidential service. Our cleaners and staff are carefully recruited and profiled.

We go the extra mile to ensure only honest and professional staffs are deployed to your location to deliver the service.

All our cleaners come in branded company apparel and must brandish an Automobile Tub Identity Card.

Can I book immediately or in advance?

To reduce service time clashes, clients are advised to always book at least an hour early of actual anticipated time services might be needed. e.g. if you want a wash to be carried out between 09:00am – 10:00am, please make your booking at 07:00am

What happens if my intended booking time slot is already booked by another client?

Kindly reschedule your booking to a different time slot! Booking well in advance may save you the trouble of booking clashes.